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18for0 at Electric Picnic

​The Global Green Village showed commendable vision by inviting us to interact with the public and environmental activists about Ireland's clean energy options at Electric Picnic, where 80,000 people attended Ireland's biggest music and arts festival.

This may have been the first Irish event where all those engaged in bringing clean energy united to achieve that goal - here's to many more joint events and more successes.

Thank you, Global Green!  We're Stronger Together!!

Some of our main takeaways:

  • Hundreds of people who approached us were very interested in learning about nuclear energy

  • Most were unaware that nuclear energy is not permitted in Ireland

  • The vast majority don't agree with a ban on nuclear energy being included in the 2022 Planning Bill

  • People were amazed that absolutely no work is being done on the potential for nuclear energy in Ireland, given the unfolding climate crisis and the growing global interest in nuclear energy

As part of the weekend's events, 18for0's Sarah Cullen discussed Ireland's Energy Futures and Nuclear energy's potential to play a key role in getting Ireland to Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions, on a panel including climate journalist John Gibbons and MEP Grace O'Sullivan. The video below features many of the deeply-held convictions about nuclear energy, not all of which would stand up to closer scrutiny - lots of work to do here on both sides of the discussion.


The pics below give some sense of the interaction and fun we had during the 3-day festival...

Ireland's Energy Option panel discussion at the Global Green section of Electric Picnic 2023. Panellists include Sarah Cullen (18for0), John Gibbons (journalist), Grace O'Sullivan MEP and Owen Power (Director at Enerpower)
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