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18for0 in Kilkenomics!

Some of the team recently attended a remarkable weekend at Kilkenomics in Kilkenny, where our 18for0 co-founder Sarah Cullen took center stage, participating in three thought-provoking panels. Each session was a unique exploration of the complexities surrounding our journey towards a sustainable future, especially in the context of Ireland's energy policies.


In her first session at The Pembroke, Sarah delved into the concept of 'Cathedral Thinking' – a philosophy of planning and working on projects that create long-term societal value, much like the cathedrals of old. She encouraged us to think beyond the immediate pressures and consider the long-term impact of our actions, especially in terms of environmental sustainability and energy policy.


At Cleere's, Sarah's second panel, 'The Economics of Energy', focused on the financial aspects of energy production and consumption. Here, she highlighted the economic challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning to renewable energy sources. Sarah stressed the importance of viewing energy not just as a cost factor but as a key driver of sustainable economic growth.


In her final session at Ormonde Hotel, Sarah addressed 'The Economics of Our Burning World'. This discussion revolved around the urgent need to understand and mitigate the economic impacts of climate change. She discussed the role of policy and technology in shaping our response to the climate crisis, emphasizing the need for innovative and economically viable solutions.

Throughout these panels, Sarah brought her extensive experience in electricity sector research and her background in the nuclear sector. Her discussions went beyond the technical aspects, touching upon the legal, political, and economic challenges that Ireland faces in its quest to decarbonize the electricity system by 2050.

As a team, we were thrilled to see such engaging and diverse conversations at Kilkenomics. Sarah's participation underlined the importance of scientific assessment in all electricity generation technologies – a core principle of 18for0. These discussions were not just an intellectual exercise; they were a call to action for all of us, reminding us of our collective responsibility to work towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.


We left Kilkenomics inspired and energized, ready to continue our work with renewed vigor and insight. The festival was a perfect example of how economic and environmental discourse can come together, creating a platform for meaningful change. We're already looking forward to next year's event and the opportunity to further contribute to these vital global conversations​​.

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