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Tuesday 31st May 2022


  • Eric Ingersol: Eric is an entrepreneur and consultant with deep experience in clean energy commercialization and industrial transformation strategy. His professional experience spans energy startups, energy policy, and large energy companies, and currently works with US DOE’s ARPA-E, EPRI, UK BEIS, Energy Technologies Institute, Clean Air Task Force, Energy Innovation Reform Project, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ENN, as well as numerous US utilities and foundations. He has extensive project experience in renewables, energy storage, oil & gas, and nuclear, with a special emphasis on advanced nuclear technologies. Eric is the Founder and Managing Director of TerraPraxis, a not for profit company working to accelerate climate action by enabling high-impact transitions for the toughest parts of the decarbonisation challenge.

  • James Lawless: James Lawless is a Fianna Fáil TD, representing Kildare North since 2016. He has Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Maths and Finance studied Law at Kings Inns (B.L.) where he trained as a Barrister. He has worked in both IT and financial services, with a particular focus on compliance and regulation. He sat on the Oireachtas Committee for Energy and Climate Change and will explain the plans and challenges Ireland is facing in decarbonising heating and industry..


Q&A Session Moderated by Sarah Cullen, 18for0

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