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Our (very) active Steering Group


Allan Carson

A project manager and chemical engineer with over a decade of experience working within nuclear project development and licensing both in the UK and internationally.

Sarah Cullen.jpeg

Sarah Cullen

An engineer working in electricity system research, having previously worked in the solar and nuclear sectors.


Denis Duff

A chartered engineer with global experience in electrical utilities and electricity trading systems, including wind energy, gas and oil fired thermal and Combined Cycle Power Plants.

Jonathon McIntyre.jpg

Jonathan McIntyre

A medical physicist with experience in material science, clinical engineering, imaging and radiation protection.


Brian Molloy

An Electrical Engineer with 40 years’ experience in nuclear, working in maintenance and training in the UK nuclear fleet before joining the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna as their Technical Head for Management and Human Resource Development.


Will O'Brien

Working in government affairs for a sustainable transport startup. Skilled in building support for policy change and is passionate about developing technological solutions to the climate crisis. 

Our other active members

Paul Cosgrove.jpg

Paul Cosgrove

A nuclear engineer and research associate at the University of Cambridge, specialising in the physics and simulation of nuclear reactors.

Matthew Donoghue.jpg

Matthew Donoghue

A medical physicist with clinical experience in radiation protection, diagnostic imaging, and novel x-ray imaging techniques.


Dermot O'Loughlin

A nuclear operations professional with many years experience working within nuclear power generation . Fellowship in nuclear / nuclear power technology from the World Nuclear University. Chartered Engineer IMechE. 


Norma O'Mahony

A nuclear engineer working in commissioning new nuclear power capacity in England. Previously worked as a nuclear safety engineer in Finland and Wales.

Assistance is given from time to time by a variety of other subject matter experts in different fields

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