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11th January 2022


  • Kalev Kallemets: Co-founder and CEO of Fermi Energia, a company established early 2019 by Estonian nuclear energy professionals and business people to develop Small Modular Reactor deployment in Estonia. Mr. Kallemets earned his Ph.D. from Tallinn University of Technology studying energy economics. He has extensive private & public sector experience from an Estonian private energy company, Ministry of Economic Affairs, deputy director of Geological Survey of Estonia and as Member of Parliament of Estonia

  • Paul Warren: Consultant in energy finance, contracting and negotiation. From 2011 to 2019 he was an energy and environmental economist with the International Atomic Energy Agency. He has represented the Ministry of Finance in Ontario, Canada, in negotiations with nuclear technology vendors, chairing the Commercial Team.

Q&A Session Moderated by Denis Duff, Co-founder 18for0

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