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|  Our Work

We're a voluntary group of professionals that are filling the information vacuum relating to nuclear power in Ireland in order to improve the conversation about our clean energy future. We communicate relevant information about the role that nuclear energy may play as a vital part of Ireland's clean energy future.

Our Preliminary Study into Nuclear Energy Development in Ireland outlines how generating 18% of Ireland's electricity by nuclear power could deliver the fastest, cheapest transition to a zero carbon future, producing reliable clean electricity from the late 2030s. This is on a similar timescale to other clean energy technologies being considered by Government, although nuclear energy is more certain than some. 


| Why

There is currently no credible plan in Ireland to get to net zero emissions by 2050. To make a plan we have to consider all of our options, including nuclear power.

The countries with plans to reach net zero will rely on either a combination of renewables and hydropower or renewables and nuclear power. We need to consider these options.

Decarbonizing electricity by including nuclear power is less expensive and less difficult than by excluding it from the electricity mix, according to the International Energy Agency, the IPCC and the UN Economic Commission for Europe,

Our research has found that including 18% nuclear could eliminate fossil fuels from Ireland's electricity, enabling us to meet our climate objectives faster and at lower cost than solutions that exclude nuclear.


|  Our Aim

Get a government-funded and technology-neutral model of the pathways to reach net zero emissions in the Irish power sector by 2050.

Get government-funded assessments of all electricity technology options, including nuclear power, to understand the viability of all identified pathways in achieving Ireland's carbon targets.

Remove the barriers to scientific studies and assessments, such as the legislation that currently prohibits nuclear power development in Ireland.


|  Who We Are

A group of volunteers with over 150 years of combined experience in energy and related industry who are concerned about the credibility of the Irish Government's proposals to achieve climate targets.

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